Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Babyz - Nintendo DS

Even though I have not been posting I have been playing. Pretty much a little bit of everything. Since summer vacation has started I have had a little trouble focusing, lol. We have bought some new games though. They are pretty fun.

The first one is Babyz for the DS. I think it is fair to say I love any game that is "sim like" so when this went on sale I had to get it for the kids, *wink*. The title of this game reminded me of a game I had a few years ago where you could adopt babies and take care of them. It had a feature where if you plugged in your microphone you teach your baby how to talk too. I think you were able to at least adopt up to 6 babies at a time. It was pretty funny because I remember my daughter always had her babies at grandma's house. I thought the name was Babyz too but anyways I could not wait to get this game home to try it out. Of course I did not get the privilege to play first because my youngest loves these types of games too.

After you set your name up a stork comes and talks a little. I hate reading stuff on games so I just tap through. Your person starts on the second floor of the house. Someone knocks on the door and you can easily miss it. The next door neighbor comes over to ask you to babysit. She gives you a rattle and so the game begins. There are four basic rooms of the house. The kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom. At first glance I assumed there would not be much to do. It turns out there are quite a few mini games. It is kind of fun trying to keep the baby happy because not everything works.You have to keep the baby clean by giving baths, change diapers, entertain with toys and feed food. Your hand has to be pretty steady when it comes to rocking the baby though. My skills were "disappointing" a few times. Some babies actually cheer up when they have certain clothes on. You are able to shop on the computer when you are not babysitting for clothes, toys and stuff for the house. You get paid with money and vouchers when the babies are picked up. When there are no babies around you have to keep the house clean by vacuuming , cutting the grass and washing dishes. If you don't babies will get sick.

This game actually kept my attention and was not super easy. My five year old was not able to just pick up the game and play. I had to show her how to do a few things first. Her favorite part is giving the baby a bath. You have to be really gentle or the baby will start crying.

Imagine: Babyz - Pre-Played

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Channah said...

LOL, I think I'll skip this game, since I'm playing the real-life version right now.