Saturday, August 16, 2008

Internet Gamebox

I came across this site months ago but I kept forgetting to post about it. The site is Internet Game Box. This site is really nice. You get to play over 1500 games for free! This is not one of those sites where you have to buy something or sign up for something before you can play for free. All you have to do is install the game console on your computer and you are all set to play. There are good games to play too.
  • PacMan
  • Sonic
  • Streetfighter
  • 3-D Frogger
  • Donkey Kong
  • Kim Possible- A stitch in time
  • Dragonball
  • Mario Bros.
We have not had any problems with the Internet Gamebox. My kids play the games from it at least 3 times a week and they have lots of fun. I play some of the games on my desktop and it works fine. Both of our computers run on XP. I have not tried it on my laptop which has Vista.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Earn Swagbucks to buy the stuff you want!!!

A few days ago I discovered this site called Swagbucks. You earn Swagbucks by using google search engine. During any of your searches you could be rewarded with Swagbucks. I got one on my first search. You are able to redeem your Swagbucks for prizes. There are some really good ones too. Subway giftcards, Amazon gift certificates, video games, video games consoles and so much more. You earn 3 swagbucks just for registering. I have been a member for only 2 days and already have earned 17 swagbucks. If you are on the internet anyway why not give swapbucks a try? I just save up for a few Wii games :)

Search & Win

Cooking Dash - Tips

Just thought I would post a few tips that I have learned while playing Cooking Dash. If you have any please share, it will be appreciated :)

If you accidently request the wrong item at Grandma's station just click on the right item and it will be replaced.

Even though you may want to move fast while playing remember to pay attention too. If you have to throw food away it will cost $30. If a customer gets made and leaves that costs you $200.

You are able to replay any level at any time.

Remember that Flo can only carry two things at one time.

When a customer who had a smoothie or ice cream, there will be no dishes to pick up. All you have to do is collect payment.

If you want to get a $100 bonus, make sure that the customer has all the heart full before they leave. To get a $75 bonus cook the food perfectly. You have to pay attention to the circle on the grill or deep fryer. Take the food while the circle is green.

When you start each level there are some menu items that can be prepared ahead of time. Ice cream, smoothies, burgers and subs. I also click the coffee pot to make sure it ready when I need it.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Uno Undercover

I grew up playing Uno and have great memories of it. As a parent I have introduced it to my own children who have come to love it as well. Uno is a great game for the entire family to play especially younger children. My youngest learned colors and numbers as well as how to take turns and how to match. Now there is a cool game for your computer called Uno Undercover. There are two modes that you can play quick and adventure. If you just want to play some fast hands of Uno then you choose quick. For a more in depth game you would play the Adventure Mode. You play as a professional player in a Uno World Tournament who really is a undercover secret agent. You have to beat different players in Uno games before you can move from level to level.

This game is truly enjoyed by my entire household starting with my youngest who is 6. It is Uno with a few upgrades that you will love and a cute storyline.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Cooking Dash

I love all of the Diner Dash games. I have been a huge fan of Flo since the very beginning. My kids and I were beyond happy when we saw the game Cooking Dash. This game is so much fun!! You have to be really quick because a few things have changed. Flo's chef Cookie has left to start a career on television. So now Flo has to prepare the food as well as serve it. The menu has changed too. Customers get to choose from nuggets, ice cream, fries, smoothies, chicken, subs and burgers just to name a few. Flo has Grandma to help but she only does the subs and burgers. Flo cooks everything else. The customers seem to be less patient this time around. So when you get a chance to buy the coffeemaker take it! It will make a difference and help your customers to stay around a little longer. This newest addition to the Dash family of games does not disappoint those of us who are loyal players. The graphics are amazing.Flo looks great as well as the food. Cooking Dash has a nice mix of 3D and animation and this helps to make the game that much more fun. In my opinion this is the best out of all the Dash games.