Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Uno Undercover

I grew up playing Uno and have great memories of it. As a parent I have introduced it to my own children who have come to love it as well. Uno is a great game for the entire family to play especially younger children. My youngest learned colors and numbers as well as how to take turns and how to match. Now there is a cool game for your computer called Uno Undercover. There are two modes that you can play quick and adventure. If you just want to play some fast hands of Uno then you choose quick. For a more in depth game you would play the Adventure Mode. You play as a professional player in a Uno World Tournament who really is a undercover secret agent. You have to beat different players in Uno games before you can move from level to level.

This game is truly enjoyed by my entire household starting with my youngest who is 6. It is Uno with a few upgrades that you will love and a cute storyline.

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