Monday, May 5, 2008

Mario Kart - Wii

Well it has finally arrived!!! Unfortunately I am on a budget and can not buy it. So I decided to chance it and check out Hollywood Video. Would you believe it was stock? I could not believe my luck!! I could barely wait until I got home.

I have been a fan of Mario forever and I love to play Mario Kart Double Dash on Gamecube. All the different cars and characters you can choose is one of the reasons my family loves it so much.

Now on to MarioKart for Wii. I was not sure what to expect but I was excited. First off this version of MarioKart has some really nice new features.
  • The first of course being you can use a wireless steering wheel, the original Wii controller and Nunchuck or a gamecube controller to play.
  • You can also personalize the game a little by choosing to play with your Mii instead of one of the Mario characters.
  • This time around you can choose to drive a kart or a motor bike. The motor bikes can even do wheelies. Personally I like the karts because it is easier for me to hit those power ups. Maybe with a little practice, one day I can move up to the motor bikes. They are fun to drive though. I like having the option.
  • There are some new power ups including a Triple Mushroom that gives you 3 speed boosts, a Mega Mushrooms which speeds you up and flatten other players, a Golden Mushroom which gives you unlimited speed boosts for a limited time period, Bullet Bill which speeds you up so fast you turn into a bullet, and Blooper which temporarily sprays ink on the vehicles in front of you.
  • And the courses. Wow, they are full of surprises. There are mushrooms to bounce off of, bridges, cows and cars that block your way and wall blocks that move if you bump them to name a few.
I really like this game and was not disappointed. It seems to be a game worth buying because it has so many courses and karts that can be unlocked. It does not hurt that you get a steering wheel included. Another big bonus is the fact that there is online play available. This game is fun for all ages and I will be saving up to buy one.

If you are interested in talking with other MarioKart fans and set up racing tournements, MarioKartWii is the place to visit. This forum is full of players of MarioKart.

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