Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cooking Mama- for Wii and DS

These games are some of my all time favorites. I first tried Cooking Mama for Wii when we first got the system last summer. It turned out to be one of the best games for Wii when it comes to something the entire family can play. The only thing you need to play is the regular controller that comes with the system. The nunchuck is not required.

Cooking Mama is a cooking game that teaches you how to become a master chef. You are taught how to chop, slice, fry and so much more. The Wii version of Cooking Mama offers both single and multiplayer modes. You are able to earn different medals when you successfully complete a recipe. This game is really fun to play because the wireless remote control gives a lot of freedom when you are performing your tasks. Everyone in my family enjoyed playing this game from my five year old daughter to my dad. The hardest part for me was learning to crack an egg. I kept hitting it against the bowl too hard. My kids love all the chopping and slicing they are able to do. We definitely had lots of laughs while playing this game, especially when I burnt the popcorn!!

Since we enjoyed Cooking Mama on the Wii, I had to give it a try on DS. I was not sure if it would be fun because I could not imagine how you would be able to do all the movements on a handheld game. I am glad to say I was pleasantly surprised. I was able to use the stylus to chop, slice, knead, peel, stir and mix in the kitchen. I was a little concerned about breaking the screen while in the middle of an intense game but we had no problems at all. You are not limited to using the 75 recipes that are available, you get to combine recipes in this version. Another nice feature is when you have to cool down hot food, you blow into the microphone on the DS. My daughter loves that part! If you have a friend you can share a recipe with them for free. I am very happy to say that Cooking Mama on DS is just as fun as the Wii version.

When I heard about Cooking Mama 2 : Dinner with Friends for DS I rushed over to Gamefly to put it on hold. I could not think of any possible improvement for Cooking Mama so I was eager to play ASAP. This second version has 80 new recipes including chili dogs, meatloaf and ice cream. There are cooking contests you can play with at least 3 of your friends. My kids love the new option to change Mama's outfits or the kitchen decor. Another nice addition to this sequel is you get to cook for Mama and your friends. If you impress them you unlock more friends to cook for. I love all of the mini games added, they are quick and fun to play. You are still able to earn medals based on your quality of cooking and send a demo to a friend for free.

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Saph said...

Hello fellow mama gamer! =) I love the Wii. Cooking Mama sounds like a game I'd like to try. =) Thanks for posting a review.